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Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf - Ben Hogan's premise in this 1957 classic is driven home in bold letters: "THE AVERAGE GOLFER IS ENTIRELY CAPABLE OF BUILDING A REPEATING SWING AND BREAKING 80." Religions are founded on less, and Hogan's detailed analyses and illustrated demonstrations of grip, stance, posture, and the two basic components of the swing make up a sacred book. Though its very simplicity seems dated, this is the tome of technique that should serve as the foundation of every golf library.

The Golf Swing With Ben Hogan

Jim McLean has worked with many of the best PGA Tour Professionals but his dedication to the Amateur player is what sets him apart. His reputation as one of the premier instructors in the game is enhanced even more as he breaks down the fundamentals of Ben Hogan's golf swing. Using never-before-seen footage, he explains step-by-step the elements that makes Hogan's swing, one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time. Some of the game's best players have commented on Ben Hogan. They include: Gary Player, "Hogan knew the most about the golf swing." Ken Venturi, "Hogan was the greatest course manager I've ever seen." Ben Crenshaw, "Hogan had one of the greatest set-ups you ever saw." Now, Jim McLean simplifies the mechanics of Ben Hogan's legendary swing, and guides you through the masterful Hogan technique that will help golfers of all skill levels to improve their game.

Ben Hogan - In Pursuit Of Perfection - DVD  - Clem Darracott was an ordinary man with an extraordinary hero and an 8mm home movie camera. Exceeding his expectations of hoping catch Hogan on film, Ben Hogan permitting this amateur to take footage on the practice range and follow him out on the course.  Now you, too, can see Ben Hogan in this DVD that has the original video's charm and home spun style. No Hollywood slickness here - just Hogan through the eyes, and camera, of a true fan. This truly is a collector's item for every Ben Hogan enthusiast and an excellent training film for any golfer intent on deciphering the swing of the greatest golfer of all time.

The Fundamentals Of Hogan - In the late 1950s, the great Ben Hogan consolidated his considerable knowledge of the golf swing into a small volume called Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. Nearly half a century later, it remains the cornerstone of every intrepid hacker's instructional library, and one of the bestselling sports books of all time. But there was always something missing from its pages: photos. As marvelous as artist Anthony Ravielli's accompanying drawings of Hogan were, they weren't the same as seeing the Wee Icemon himself in action.

Surprise! Ravielli modeled those drawings on several rolls of film he took of Hogan, and those photos, recently discovered, are the heart of The Fundamentals of Hogan. For golfers, they are like finding a piece of the true cross; there has never been a more perfect swing than Bantam Ben's. If some of the pictures in Fundamentals are just explanatory poses--Hogan gripping the club, Hogan standing at address--and the majority of the swing sequences are actually not true sequences at all but, given the technology of the time, individually posed photos at appropriate intervals of the swing, no matter. They convey what they need to, providing a closer glimpse of the master's mastery.

Ben Hogan Collection

This great collection features in-depth analysis of Hogan's swing by Jim McLean, including Hogan's X and Y Factor. Also Jim McLean breaks down and reviews 12 golf swings that have never been analyzed before. You'll see phenomenal lag Hogan produced, how he flattened his hands at the top of the swing, and how he was able to generate so much speed through the impact zone. Truly one of the most magical swings in the history of golf and more...

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