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The average golf bag weights 25 to 45 pounds. Carrying that weight 4 to 5 hours over 5 miles can take energy away from your golf stroke, as well as, adding stress to your back, shoulders, and knees. Using quality golf bag cart takes away that burden. It will help you improve your game and handicap, because you have less strain on your body, much more energy and more power for your drives, improved concentration, less fatigue and a better rhythm for putting.

The BagBoy Navigator remote control golf cart is fully remote, fully maneuverable, fully in control motorcaddie. On-board compass that understands both tilt angles and directional readings at the same time (To keep it going straight). Retractable 4th wheel stabilizer and 24" wide wheel track provides added stability on all types of terrain.The steel-frame construction has been powder coated to resist nicks and scratches. Adjustable bag supports  includes Bag Boy's adjustable bag supports to handle any size of golf bag effortlessly.
NFM Explorer is the latest design from Dr. Pratt. Unique Vehicle Identification Number to comes with each cart to provide best customer support. Top openable square golf seat, making it easy to store small items. Unique Free wheel design, making this heavy golf cart as easy to push as a light push cart. Free accessories Scorecard Holder, Cup Holder, Raincover and Upgraded Square Size Golf Seat are included with purchase (total value of $180) Battery "power level" meter included.  4th wheel in rear for steep slope climbing. Electric Motorized Remote Control Bat Caddy X3R will save your energy for your golf game, it will save your money and will improve your overall general health and well being. If you rent a golf cart every time you shot a round, then you can start saving on the rentals fees. It  typically pays for itself in just one season for an avid golfer. Plus by walking the golf course instead of driving a golf cart will improve your overall general health and well being. Walking can help you to burn more calories, improve cardio-vascular health, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and create a stronger immune system.

Our online golf shop and golf equipment section have a huge line of quality golf products for you to  choose and buy online. It is always good idea to read product reviews and details before you buy.

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