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The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing

A MUST READ for anyone who is interested in golf and also one of the best books about learning the feel of a proficient golf swing. This well-written, short, easy-to-read book provides a step-by-step guide to the golf swing beyond the necessary but insufficient description of mechanics. The "seven lessons" are an understandable, concise road map to developing the pleasure and joy of golf--competently and effortlessly creating a golf swing with results. Each lesson builds on the last and illuminates a fundamental aspect of the golf swing--balance, momentum, maintaining a steady swing center, relaxed arms, rhythm, etc.--aspects of the golf swing that are missed in the reductionistic approach of many "how to" golf books.

The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing: Curing Your Hit Impulse in 7 Simple Lessons - by Michael McTeigue
If you love golf but have never played to your potential, here is a book that you will quickly come to treasure.

The biggest paradox in golf is that the harder you try to "hit" the ball, the worse you do so.

In The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing, author Michael McTeigue offers you a simple system of sequential body movements that produces a true swinging motion with every club in the bag. The result is increased distance and greater accuracy for all sizes, shapes, and ages of golfers for a minimum investment in learning time.

The clarity and simplicity of McTeigue's frell-free approach to the golf swing leads the reader to a new experience of power and effortlessness. He truly shows how to "build a swing you can trust and keep for life."

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